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Jiangsu Huachang Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Industry experience30 years machining experience in hardware tools industry Brand strengthA number of international leading patent technology, well-known brands in the industry Service guaranteeA wide range of products, widely used, one-stop shopping, customized non-standard products 查看详情

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  • Strength
    Formed a diamond saw blade series products as the leading, become the national diamond saw blade products most productive technology experience, product research and development capabilities and export market competitive strength of the leading military enterprises.
  • Autonomy
    In response to the national high-speed railway development strategy, the independent innovation capability will be improved, and the high-speed railway Berg plate (track plate) grinding wheel will be realizedLocalization instead of import
  • Security
    Through years of production and technological innovation, the company has formed four series of products: laser welded saw blades, high-frequency welded saw blades, sintered saw blades and resin sintered chips.To continuously improve product quality and technology content
  • Emissions
    Relying on a strong scientific research capabilities, various patent technology research and development, applied in various fields, so that the various projects betterSave energy, reduce the loss, is conducive to environmental protection
  • Application
    Products are widely used in stone processing, non-metallic materials, wall drilling, concrete and other construction materials cuttingBy the vast number of customers trust and praise

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30 years of strength brand, strength certification15年实力品牌,实力认证

Huachang toolsIn the past 30 years, many national, provincial and municipal honors have been wonIt sells well in all parts of the country and exports more than 30 parts of the world. It is loved by our customers,Annual sales reached 140 million yuanCustomer trust is the greatest honor

Professional research team, innovative quality assurance专业科研团队,创新品质保障

Companies under the jurisdiction of professional and technical personnel 45 people, 20 senior technical personnel, junior 25 people.Access to a number of national patent technologyPromoteproduct quality, work efficiency and environmental protection and energy savingbreakthroughs have been made and applied to a wide range of products

International quality certification, quality assurance国际质量认证,质量保障

Huachang tools in the production process, from the choice of raw materials to the finished product factory, have passed strict quality inspection process, quality has been internationalISO9001Quality and environmental system certification, quality assurance

Customized service, consistent with the protection量身定制服务,契合保障

HuachangProvide tailor-made service,You only need to provide your requirements and we will provide you with customized solutions accordingly Product customized production to product delivery,Ensure that the product meets your engineering requirements Complete range of products, just submit your needs, professional staff to provide you with options,One stop, comfortable and enjoyable service

Intimate service, meticulous worry贴心服务,细致无忧

Large customer service, after-sales technical staff,24 hours of intimate service Perfect service network systemTo provide customers with professional and thoughtful technical services We can meet all kinds of difficult problems according to our customers,Make specific technical solutions.

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About Us Jiangsu Huachang Tools Manufacturing Co., is a Sino foreign joint venture with Danyang Yongchang diamond Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of US $730 thousand. China's Danyang city Chang Hai Diamond Products Co., Ltd is established in 1982, engaged in this industry for more than 20 years, in December 1992 and the Hongkong science and engineering technology company established a joint venture in Danyang Huachang Diamond Tools Manufacturing Co., ltd.. Now the two company bases are located at No. 818, Qi Liang Road, Danyang Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu. Location: Shanghai Nanjing Expressway, Shanghai Nanjing high-speed railway passing through. The factory is 200 kilometers away from Shanghai and 68 kilometers from Nanjing. .. MORE+

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